Welcome to the site

Welcome to StormWind Studios, a cult design team for Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings. Here, you can learn more about our work and download campaigns and other projects released under our name.

The site is still under construction and parts of it hasn’t been finished yet, namely the Articles section, and the Projects and Members sections, but we’re working on it as fast as we can. Which isn’t too fast considering we both – Basse and Turty – have many other things to do at the same time, but it’ll get done, slowly and steadily!

The Rockspring Revolution is OUT!

Lord Basse’s latest project, the Gwyndlegard sequel “The Rockspring Revolution”, has just hit the Blacksmith! The story begins shortly after where Gwyndlegard left off; the eastern province of Rockspring went independent a couple of years ago, and now Lord Mezenghi wants to bring it back into Gwyndlegard’s realm. He and Immanuel journey to the region to talk King Hanley into returning under Mezenghi’s rule. But after Mezenghi returns home, King hanley is assassinated and the throne seized by nationalist revolutionaries. You – as Immanuel – get caught in the crossfire and you end up leading the counter revolution.

The scenario features a lot of roleplaying action and AI-driven Build & Destroy, with side quests that really are worth caring about, an epic boss battle, and much more.

Download your copy now!

Icebergs and the Fall of Watson

Do these two things have anything in common? Well they have one thing: they’re both made and recently uploaded by our member Lord Basse, in his “Realistic Icebergs” utility and the minigame “Fall of the Watson Regime“, an entry to Watson’s parodial contest.

Check them out!

A year of projects!

Apart for the ten releases we’ve had the past year, our members have also started and resurfaced a whole bunch of projects, scheduled to be released from very soon to “some day, I promise!”.

  • Lord Basse’s “The Rockspring Revolution“, a sequel to the very popular Gwyndlegard from last year, described as “not as epic as Gwyndlegard, but better in many ways”,
  • Andan’s “XXXIII – the Thirty Three“, Andan’s first and probably last big project, whose prologue is soon to be released,
  • Aethelflaed – Lady of the Mercians“, originally Mashek’s entry to the 2010 Historical Scenario Contest, but now an independent 6-scenario big project,
  • and a few more which still aren’t public…
More info should soon be able to find under the “Projects” section, and in the project threads which you get to by clicking the above links.

A year of releases

This site is updated very rarely, as you can see. But now finally we have gotten around to add our latest releases to the site. They can all be found in the AoKH Blacksmith.

The new releases in question are the following:

StormWind Studios 5th Anniversary!

Our design team is growing old! Today we celebrate our fifth anniversary, but this year you’ll have to settle for cake and drinks as there is no celebritory scenario being released today. ­čśŤ

*orders cake*

The Epic Adventures of Marvin and Rob

Today, Lord Basse’s latest scenario “The Epic Adventures of Marvin and Rob” has hit the Blacksmith! The scenario is a roleplaying strategy scenario and it follows the tale of two of the minor character’s from “Gwyndlegard”, Marvin and Rob, and what happened to them after they left the stage in Gwyndlegard.

Uploaded on the 13th of August to celebrate StormWind Studios’ fourth anniversary, this spin-off is sure to keep you entertained if you enjoyed playing “Gwyndlegard”, or if you just like RPS games.

So what is the scenario about? What’s the story?

Quoted from the release thread at Age of Kings Heaven;

“In this scenario you play as Marvin and Rob, who were ambushed by a force of Xaphira’s men as they were trying to reach Gwynhill. They were forced to run for their lives and got lost in the deep forests, somewhere south-east of Gwyndlegard. Your quest is to get them home safely, and as you go you you cross the countries of North Ondoria, South Ondoria and Arthalien, meeting new odd characters (and some old ones), and more. In the same style as Gwyndlegard, except this time it’s an all out RPS scenario, no large armies under your control and no B&D, just your small group of involuntary adventurers.”

So hurry up and download it! The scenario can be found here.

Fourth Anniversary!

Four years ago today, StormWind Studios opened up its doors for the world to come in and have a look around! After a near death experiense in the winter and spring of 2006-2007, SWS slowly rose to become one of, if not THE most prominent design team of all of it’s time. Today, four years after it’s foundation, the team is still going strong and we’ve had several releases lately that have gained a large respone. And more of those are coming!

But for the moment, cheer and be happy and give your birthday presents in the forums!

Alien Invasion!

Events at the forums have taken a turn to the better, or worse (you be the judge) as Turty’s ‘Daft Punk/French Robots’ theme for June and July has been replaced by Basse’s ‘Alien Invasion’ theme.

The Glorious Nation of Stormwind has been invaded by aliens from the planet of Splarfgrax and most of the place has been blown to smithereens. As a puppet dictator, Basse now rules the country (i.e. the forums) and aims to rebuild the nation with the help from you forummers. Pay the forums a visit and gasp at the ghastly, err, not too shabby looking skins!

Welcome to Watson!

The first news post of the new site (the previous two were just backtracking posts :P)! Hooray!

Watson answered the invitation yesterday and is now a member of StormWind Studios! Give him a warm welcoming and have some cake in the forums!

Gwyndlegard – now in multiplayer!

Lord Basse has released a multiplayer version of his popular scenario “Gwyndlegard” which now is available at the Blacksmith. Don’t expect any fancy humongous trigger systems, blood-style fighting and such though; this is a random map, except with a better looking map and Gaia heroes spread out on the map. You play as one of eight main heroes (or villains) on a map of Gwyndlegard, identical to the single player version with one exception; all traces of civilization, except some roads, are gone, and it’s up to you ro rebuild civilization and take control of the new glorious country that emerges from the ashes!

You can download the scenario here.

This has been a Backtracking News Production.

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